Review Policy

I am happy to accept books for review, please read my review policy.

Please get in touch via the contact form or by email, my email is as follows:

The genres in which I am accepting books for review are:



Historical Mystery



Science Fiction

Fairytale or Mythology Retellings 

I am also happy to host giveaways with authors/ publishers if given appropriate material.

My Policy

If you request a review, you understand that I am obligated to write my honest opinion. If the book does not interest me or is of poor quality I reserve the right to decline the review.

My preference is printed books, however, I will accept some eBooks.  

I will post a review within 2 months of receiving the book unless a date is specifically requested.


I am accepting ARCs and am happy to promote any upcoming books upon request after I have read them and will post a review after the date of release.


Unfortunately, I will not be able to accept all book review requests and physical copies will get priority. I will try to reply to any request within a week.