Series Review: The Dark Elements

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Genre: Paranormal Romance

I am a big fan of the paranormal romance genre and this series gave a everything that I want from a PNR book. It was a wonderfully written, easy read with sexy demons, witty banter, and some great twists.

Book 1 - White Hot Kiss

The first book was enjoyable and was the first introduction into this world. Layla was a great protagonist and I really felt for her in this book, all she wanted was to have some normal life experience and it belong with her adopted family. However, whilst she renounces her demon side, her warden family will never truly accept her, she feels inadequate. I hated that they made her feel like that and made her repress part of herself, and that she followed their word blindly. I loved the introduction of Roth as he was incredibly funny and sexy but also played an integral part in getting Layla to become more accepting of her other half. He made her feel free around him and that was wonderful to see, as well as watching Roth help Layla to understand her history. The ending of this book hit hard, and it was such a killer cliff-hanger. This worked wonderfully within the series and was expertly done by Armentrout but made me need to read the next book immediately!

Book 2 - Stone Cold Touch

The second book starts two weeks after the ending on the first and follows up on the climatic ending. This book gives us a chance to get to know the characters a lot better, especially stony… I mean Zayne, but also the nickname never fails to make me laugh! I understand how Layla feels about her childhood best friend however, this was probably my least favourite book of the series as it had a much stronger focus on Zayne and less Roth which is wonderfully written and gives us a great insight into Zayne. However, I’m a Roth fan so this was not my favourite book! What I did love, was seeing Layla keep Bambi and I never thought I'd love a giant snake as much as I do Bambi, but Armentrout never ceases to amaze me with her power to make me love every aspect of her books. Aside from that, this book gave me all the angst and emotions that the first book lay the groundwork for, as well as a lot of plot development that results from the consequences of the first book. The ending was incredibly dramatic and as always, Armentrout went further than I was expecting, and some deep fears and trust issues came to a head at the end. My heart broke for Layla but the story progressed wonderfully and left me with many unanswered questions that I meant I couldn’t wait to read the last book immediately.

Book 3 - Every Last Breath

The third and final book of the series was everything I wanted in the end of the series. This book takes place immediately after the events of the second book, and the focus of the story is the Lilin and what they can all do to stop it. As always, Layla is feeling guilty about the Lilin and the role she played in its creation. We get to learn a lot more about the truth of Layla’s history and her genetics, which was so satisfying to finally get the answers we’ve been wanting. The plot was gripping and fast paced but it was balanced out with the romance, which I adored. Thankfully it didn’t take too long for Layla to choose between her two loves and admit the truth to herself. This was definitely the right choice as she couldn’t go on the way she was, and I loved seeing the reactions of Roth and Zayne. The rest of book showcased how special her relationship was and how real it was. I loved the banter and pure happiness they both felt, and their protectiveness of each other. Overall the book was amazing, the romance finally gave me everything I wanted and the story arc ended perfectly, Layla had such an amazing journey and it was a perfect easy read.

Rating: 4 Star

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