Secrets of the Wicked Viscount by Sadie Bosque

Rating: 5 stars

Title: Secrets of the Wicked Viscount

Series: The Shadows #2

Author: Sadie Bosque

Genre: Historical Romance

My Review

Secrets of the Wicked Viscount is the second book in Bosque’s The Shadows series and wow did I love it! I have to admit friends to lovers’ romances don’t usually interest me that much so I went in expecting a good story but not to fall in love with the story however Bosque exceeded all of my expectations!

This story has pure beautiful romance, endearing impossible-not-to-love characters and a dark twisty tale full of intrigue and mystery sounded the mysterious Shadows and the criminal underbelly of the area.

As I said, I wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I did, a friends to lovers romance isn’t my preferred romance but Jarvis and Olivia drew me and I couldn’t help but just adore their friendship and watching their relationship and love bloom was so beautiful. Both characters were so endearing, Olivia with her insecurities and oddities that made her not fit in with society made me love her all the more and I wish more people would see her as the wonderful women she was. I really liked that she had spent years as a spintser and wasn’t constantly trying to fit in. Whilst she did try and learn to fit in, she ultimately stayed true to herself and what she needed.

Jarvis was dashing and charming and his love of Olivia and all her quirks was so pure. I enjoyed his storyline of the shadows and I liked that whilst he was a bit of a vigilante hero it was still a historical romance at heart and these two storylines were woven together beautifully.

As always Bosque’s writing was captivating and I have to say that when I started this book I was in the midst of a reading slump but this book has brought me right out of it! I couldn’t put it down and have to say I just immediately fell on the love with the characters. I enjoyed the mix of settings with the dark secret organisation and also the balls and classic settings for high society. I also liked that it followed up on book one so we still get all the same characters and a continuation of the other side stories – presumably setting up their own books. I can’t wait for book three, the ending chapter was quite the tease!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I would highly recommend for those of you historical romance readers who are looking for a beautiful pure love story, steam (loving those sexy scenes!) and a good dollop of daring dangerous criminal mystery!


A girl like no other.

Miss Olivia Landen is decidedly on the shelf. Even though all her life she was ridiculed for being different, she is not ready to give up on her future just yet. Taking matters into her own hands, she determines to ensnare a husband and asks for help from the one man she trusts above all others—her dearest friend, Jarvis.

A man playing a dangerous game.

Jarvis, the Viscount St. John, can't remember a time when he hadn't loved Olivia. Because of the dangerous nature of his life, he has always kept her at arms length, and now, she thinks of him only as a good friend. When she requests his assistance in finding a husband, the very idea sends him to the edge of desperation.

Passion is sweeter in the guise of night...

When Olivia's life is put in danger, Jarvis does everything in his power to keep her safe and resolves, even more, that his life is not for her. However, Olivia's feelings start to change as she realizes that there's more to Jarvis than meets the eye.

In the dead of the night, hidden in shadows, can their love prove stronger than even the darkest of secrets?

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