Review: Unparalleled

Title: Unparalleled

Series: Unparalleled #1

Author: Jenna Hebert

Date Published: December 1st 2020

Publisher: Independent

Genre: YA Fantasy


Seventeen-year-old Natalya Wells has one mission-to kill the monsters over the graffiti wall and rescue her best friend, Eve, who is held captive by Ascendants, the rulers of the fourth dimension. A dying land where children become victims of starvation and violence. When the Remnants, evil red-eyed demons, invade the fourth dimension, Natalya is transported to the next world. The fifth dimension is a place where grass shrivels, dies, and regrows all in a matter of seconds. The heat of the sun cannot be felt because the sky is encamped by a mural of glass. Natalya meets Jance, who belongs to a superhuman race called Raidens, warriors who heal with invincible scars. Jance holds a deadly secret about what the scars on his body truly mean, and why his own father is determined to kill him. Eve returns to the fifth dimension and meets Jance's best friend, Ronan, a boy with no memory of the world he came from before. The three of them bind together to help Natalya become a Raiden. As Natalya endures this grueling transition, she discovers the secrets her friends are hiding, along with the unjust laws and dangerous manipulations that are poisoning this world. After a raging war divides the Raidens against one another, Natalya and her friends must reveal the darkness within themselves and embrace their unique gifts. Natalya's power may not only shatter the glass world but someone she loves.



Firstly, I want to say a big thank you to the author who gave me a physical copy in exchange for an honest review.

The story follows Natalya Wells, a 17-year-old girl who has no memories of her childhood, who is determined to find her best friend by going over the graffiti wall – where the monsters come from – in the fourth dimension, her home.

I found the beginning quite confusing, as there were three-character POVs throughout the book, we got thrust into three different worlds all at the same time. Three sets of individual stories and different worlds was challenging to get my head around. However, as time went on the story become clearer, and the different POVs gave more insight into the characters and their experiences. Once the book developed more, the multiple perspectives did enhance the story and allow for more world building. However, at times I found it difficult to differentiate the characters apart and had to check the chapter heading a few times to confirm who’s POV I was reading.

The character development was enjoyable to watch, with Natalya being my favourite character. She continually questioned the world and her place in it, disagreeing with the laws and rules without any regard for how supposedly ‘wrong’ that was. Her story connected well with the other characters, but I did feel as though we didn’t get to connect as much with them and when it came time to reveal their secrets, I wasn’t particularly shocked or that invested. I did love the chemistry between Ronan and Evanna and I loved their scenes, I wish we had more of them!

The story idea was interesting, and the world the author developed was very unique and intriguing. The concept was something I hadn’t seen before which was great, however, I did find the world a bit confusing as the constant talk of everything being a manipulation meant it all blended together and it was sometimes hard to tell what was actually happening in the story and what was a dream/ vision etc. But overall, the story had intrigue, angst, hidden pasts and destinies and a completely new world.

I would say it had a divergent type feel with sci-fi aspects and the plot gave us endless twists and turns throughout the story, it certainly didn’t hold back! The reveals at the end were wonderful and it ended on a cliff-hanger which set up the for the next book nicely.

Rating: 2.5 Stars

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