Review: The P.A.N

Title: The PAN

Series: The PAN Trilogy #1

Author: Jenny Hickman

Date Published: October 14th 2020

Genre: YA Fantasy


Since her parents were killed, Vivienne has always felt ungrounded, shuffled through the foster care system. Just when liberation finally seems possible—days before her eighteenth birthday—Vivienne is hospitalized with symptoms no one can explain. The doctors may be puzzled, but Deacon, her mysterious new friend, claims she has an active Nevergene. His far-fetched diagnosis comes with a warning: she is about to become an involuntary test subject for Humanitarian Organization for Order and Knowledge—or HOOK. Vivienne can either escape to Neverland’s Kensington Academy and learn to fly (Did he really just say fly?) or risk sticking around to become a human lab rat. But accepting a place among The PAN means Vivienne must abandon her life and foster family to safeguard their secrets and hide in Neverland’s shadows… forever.



This modern-day Peter Pan story is an incredibly fun story filled with hilarious banter, magic, YA romance, and a whole host of flirty relatable characters.

I have never read or seen a Peter Pan retelling and wow was I missing out. This was such a wonderful story; I loved the whole concept of the Nevergene and Neverland versus HOOK. It felt like such a realistic way to integrate this beloved fairytale into our modern world.

I absolutely adored both Vivienne and Deacon, their flirty banter and double entendres had me laughing constantly and I couldn’t put the book down. This story focussed on these two characters learning to overcome their secrets and their pasts to find some adventure together as well as love. There’s nothing better than a story with characters that you instantly fall in love with and that’s exactly what happened in this book. Vivienne’s thoughts were hilarious but highly relatable, and I devoured every interaction between Vivienne and Deacon. We also had a great lineup of side characters, all of whom added a great dimension to the story. I can’t wait to jump back into life with these characters in HOOK.

I loved the set-up of Neverland and how the author interweaved aspects of the Peter Pan tale into this new world. I found myself constantly wishing I had an active Nevergene so I could join with this wonderful world.

Overall, this was an original, creative, and magical story, full of characters finding a place to belong, love, and a good deal of magic. I am so happy I’ve discovered this wonderful world of the PAN and I cannot wait to dive into the next one, whilst I eagerly await the release of book 3!

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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