Review: PEST

Title: PEST

Author: Anna Willet

Date Published: August 16th, 2020

Publisher: The Book Folks

Genre: Suspense Thriller


Sightings of a strange girl on the outskirts of the small Australian town of Thorn Tree coincide with the outbreak of a deadly sickness. The girl appears in people’s nightmares, beckoning them into nothingness. Maggie’s café lies at the heart of the town, and she quickly becomes embroiled in the unfolding events. As more people she knows succumb to the illness, Maggie will have to act fast to root out its cause. Maggie believes that if she understands the girl’s story and finds her, she can save her friends and herself. But maybe she too has merely been lured into the pest’s evil embrace.



Firstly, I want to thank James at Henry Roi PR for offering me the chance to read and review this book. All opinions expressed are my own.

I will start by saying that I don’t usually read thrillers, however I couldn’t get enough of this book. Anna Willet’s excellent writing shines through in every section, painting a terrifying but gripping narrative. The background of a storm in the early pages not only felt like the perfect backing for the story but portrayed the sense of urgency, keeping me reading until late into the night.

Willett managed to fully connect me to Maggie and the town of Thorn Tree - the characters were compelling and relatable, so you couldn’t help but read on, needing to know what would happen to them, and whether they could stop the evil spreading in their town. The details of the book made you love each character, and I really enjoyed the style of showing a wide range of characters’ stories even when they weren’t going to last long.

The different character views really allowed an interesting perspective of the final scenes, showing what was happening simultaneously to link the events and everyone together. It was great that Maggie understood the urgency and enacted her plan as soon as possible and the multi perspective really drew you into the scene. Ultimately you found out the antagonists’ motive and it gave a greater understanding as to the events, showing you that they were also a victim but proving that no matter the situation it is never okay to turn to hate and terror. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a thriller with a fantasy element. The suspense throughout the book was superb and increased throughout the story, impressing on you the urgency to stop the spread of infection and death. The story impressed several different messages, one of which was the love story of Maggie and Harness which added a very personal feel and kept you invested in the outcome.

I am thankful that I was offered the chance to read PEST and will be picking up more of Anna Willett’s books based on this read.

Rating: 4.5 Star

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