Review: Dark Hunt

Title: Dark Hunt

Author: Annika West

Series: Dragon Bound Book 1

Date Published: December 3RD, 2020

Publisher: Independent

Genre: Urban Fantasy


A sexy dragon. A snarky outcast. A dark hunt that ties them together. Aster King II is a lot of things. Impulsive? Totally. Sugar addict? Yup. Prone to reflexive stabbing? Every day of her life. As a supernatural citizen with weak powers, Aster's reality is mediocre. But after she finds herself in a sewer running from a deadly creature she accidentally pissed off, everything changes. Supernatural job? Gone. Crappy L.A. apartment? Repossessed. Legal status? Indentured Employee to one of the most powerful, dangerous shifters in the world. Now, Aster is forced to help him and his two associates steal magical artifacts before the items destroy Los Angeles. All while ignoring the sizzling, forbidden tension building between her and her new employer. But Aster didn't plan on entering her mid-20's on a leash. Can she get her freedom back before her life goes up in flames?



Thank you to Annika West and Booksprout for an ARC copy in return for my honest opinion.

The MC Aster was an enjoyable character to read, she was sassy and often sprouted absurd commentary, but this really endeared me to her, as it made her more real and her awkwardness felt like something I would do. Though her commentary was at times cringey, it was overall a great addition to the book. I really felt for her as her situation got progressively worse.

I enjoyed the character of Huxley Cayne – he was powerful, commanding, and protective – and how his relationship with Aster developed. The romance was light but present, I would have enjoyed a little more, but this is purely personal preference and the relationship was written very well and the development fit perfectly in the story.

I loved the side characters and their banter and would have liked more focus on this! I hope to see Aster’s relationships with these side characters develop further in the next book, though what was present was realistic and valuable to the plot. It was also great to have the parents seen in the book as the ‘dead parents’ trope is rather common these days.

The plot was well written but a relatively common premise, however, this was still enjoyable, and the world/ magic system gave it a different spin. The world had lots of division and discrimination between magic types, and Aster being a Cut was the bottom of the barrel. This made her world view interesting to read, and such open discrimination was a great topic to include in the book and was evidenced continuously throughout the story.

There were some interesting aspects of the story, and Aster’s reactions were hilarious (she should always carry a pen with her!) and I enjoyed the hunt for Hawk, and the subplots really added to the story – namely the Jericho problem, and all the secrets revealed throughout by several characters. The ending was great and felt as though everything had been concluded satisfyingly with the main storyline, and I’m very intrigued to find out more about Aster and her mysterious powers as well as what the vision means and will be picking up the next book to see what happens! Overall the story was a fast-paced, interesting, light read, perfect for anyone looking for an easy urban fantasy to get into.

Rating: 3.5 Star

- 4 stars if only comparing it to other light urban fantasy books.

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