Book Tour Stop: Black Moon Rising by Mila Nicks

I’m excited to participate in the Bookstagram Tour for Black Moon Rising by @milanickswrites! There’s a spooky creature prowling the Mhoon Hotel at night. Can witch Selene and her paranormal investigator boyfriend Aiden solve the case before nightmares become reality? Black Moon Rising is book 2 in the Paranormal Hunters series & it's out now!

Title: Black Moon Rising

Series: Paranormal Hunters #2

Author: Mila Nicks

Date Published: April 23, 2021

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance


Philadelphia. Boston. New York City. Selene Blackstone is finally getting the chance to explore like she’s always dreamed. Once stuck in her hometown Brimrock, with the curse broken, she’s a free witch. Together in their trusty caravan Ghost, she and her paranormal investigator boyfriend Aiden O’Hare are traveling cross-country filming for their show, Paranormal Hunters. Their first case brings them to the colonial town Maresburg, Virginia, where the Mhoon Hotel is said to be one of the most haunted in the country. At the century-old hotel, guests experience nightmares so frightening they’re heart-stopping - literally. Selene and Aiden only have a couple of weeks to figure out if this case is a scammer at work, or if there’s some truth to what they say: dreams do come true. And so do nightmares.

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My Review

Thank you to the author and MTMC tours for a copy in exchange for an ARC tour honest review.

The events of this book take place after Book 1 – Black Witch Magic – in which Aiden, a paranormal investigator not only finds out that the paranormal does exist but meets and falls for Selene. The books should ideally be read in order, as this book contains spoilers for the events of book 1, however, I just dived right in with book 2 without having read the first one and it was very easy to pick up on all the important details.

This book follows Selene and Aiden as they travel to the Mhoon Hotel for Selene’s first-ever episode of their Paranormal Hunters show. Aiden is ever the skeptic, but it doesn’t take long for Selene to feel as though they have stumbled into a very real paranormal problem. As they try to solve the mystery of the unexplained deaths, secrets are uncovered until everyone seems as though they could be a suspect.

I really enjoyed the mystery aspect and felt invested in finding out the truth alongside our two MC’s. I enjoyed watching clues unfold and making my own (usually incorrect) guesses as the urgency and stakes were raised. Overall, the mystery was wonderfully written, and the ending was excellent. It kept me on my toes, and I was very happy with how it unfolded and that the ending didn’t stop abruptly but really explored the monster that’s been haunting us the whole of the book and showed us just how powerful he was.

As well as a compelling story, it had a great small-town setting which was written very well and kept me very immersed in the world and the characters. I liked that the characters were all unique and had their own secrets as it made them feel a lot more three-dimensional.

The author managed to balance the mystery and the romance very well, ensuring that not only was I invested in the mystery but in the couple themselves. I loved seeing their relationship develop and watch as they learned with each other what they needed. Aiden was so sweet and thoughtful in the ways he showed how much he cared, and Selene was delightful, and her feelings of doubt and insecurity were very relatable. Their relationship was well done, and the author showed us that with support and love you can learn to grow together in the relationship, overall, Selene and Aiden were very sweet and lovely to read about. I feel as though Selene is still at the very beginning of her journey and she still has a lot to discover about herself and her magic, so I am sure we will be getting more adventures with these two in the future!

Overall, it was a great paranormal mystery with a good dose of romance and delightful and intriguing characters. Selene and Aiden were great, and it was lovely seeing them learn and grow together throughout the story, I look forward to their next adventure.

Rating: 4 Stars

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