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Today I wanted to talk about rating books! Rating a book is different for each person because each book is perceived and absorbed differently. So, whilst this post gives you an idea of how I rate, this is not universal as rating is just so subjective.

You can use whatever rating system feels right for you. I use the standard 5-star system, but you could use 10 stars, or whatever else you like! But however, you decide to rate, keep it consistent. Having a defined system – in whatever form that means for you – allows people to understand your rating.

As I said, I use a 5-star rating system and I largely rate based on how much I enjoyed it. Things like good writing, solid world building and well explained magic systems are great and are needed to make a book truly excellent – and help push the book to a higher rating. However, if I really enjoyed the book and it made me laugh and cry and had me feeling the whole range of emotions then the technical aspects take a back seat for me.

I will rate I book I enjoyed more highly than a technically perfect one than I didn’t because to me, that’s what we’re here for! We’re here to escape into different worlds and be captivated by characters and if an author makes me feel that then they get a high rating. I can overlook too much inner dialogue or world building with holes in favour of the emotional response - that’s not to say good writing isn’t important, it is. And there is a limit to what I’ll overlook, and I’ll likely mention in the review if writing wasn’t great, but it can be overshadowed but how it made me feel.

Here are the general guidelines I follow when rating:

5 stars – Absolutely EPIC, made me go through the full range of emotions and I won’t be able to stop thinking about this book for a long LONG time!

4 stars – This book was great, really enjoyed it but it had a few things that held it back. I may or may not re read.

3 stars – This was good but had several major things I didn’t love but I will be continuing with the series.

2 stars – It wasn’t good, I won’t be continuing with the series. It was a struggle to get through.

1 stars – I will likely DNF (Did Not Finish) this book due to complete lack of enjoyment. Usually has very poor writing.

Spice Level Rating

Alongside the general rating system those of you who are fans of spice will likely use a chilli pepper system to describe spice levels. I love seeing this as a second system and it is a great indicator of how much steam to expect – and it almost acts as a warning for those of you who aren’t a fan! If a book is particularly spicy I will include a chilli pepper rating.

If you are looking for spicy recommendations I can direct you to some excellent bloggers who are connoisseurs of spicy books!

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