Novella Review: To Fall for a Duke by Christmas

Title: To Fall for a Duke by Christmas

Author: Sadie Bosque

Series: Standalone Novella

Date Published: December 5th 2020

Genre: Historical Romance


To spite his former love, David decides to court the least suitable miss of the house party, an enchanting Irish commoner Niamh. He will not marry a commoner, of course. It is just a pretense. Or it was. Until the sparks fly, and he finds himself falling hard and fast for a woman who is completely wrong for the role of his Duchess. A penniless Irish commoner living among polite society is unlikely to find a suitor. Especially in England. Or at least that's Niamh's experience. Living in a troublesome household of her uncle, she is desperate to get away and go back to Ireland. When Niamh meets the Duke during the festivities, however, she finds herself at crossroads. Will she be willing to give up her freedom for a chance at love?



This was a delightful, well thought out romance set in 18th century England. The story follows David (Duke of Somerset) and Niamh (a commoner from Ireland) and their journey to falling in love.

I loved the historical aspect of the book, especially the depiction of the class system and how much of a divide this caused between stations. I felt as though this was very well written and was present throughout the story, but it wasn’t overdone or too in your face. It felt accurately portrayed and very tangible, as though we were really there in the 18th century.

I loved the concept, and that the story was focused on two people that didn’t really fit within society but rather than conform to a life they didn’t want they instead found each other. The story was heart-warming and the pace at which the story flowed, and their relationship grew was expertly done. It wasn’t rushed or forced – often a problem with novella’s – but rather felt more natural and realistic. Each scene was well written, and served a purpose, adding to the story showing how well thought out the story was.

The characters were wonderful, even though we didn’t get long with them, Bosque really showed us who they were and helped us to connect with them. Niamh’s home life really made me feel for her and how strong she was, and her insecurities about herself and her station really resonated. David was an equally interesting character, who showed himself as thoughtful, caring, and honest. His background set up the whole story and watching him find another chance at love was touching. He was self-aware and hated his own hypocrisy, so it was a delight to see him overcome that. I loved that Victoria showed us her true self in the end and gave David some much-needed advice as it really rounded out the whole story, linking it all together and showing us how rare and special their love and journey was.

Overall, I really enjoyed this novella, and will certainly be reading more from Bosque. The story was a light, heart-warming read that felt perfect for Christmas. The historical aspect was excellently done and fitted perfectly.

Thank you to Sadie Bosque for offering me an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 4 Stars

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