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Title: Poseidon

Author: Carly Spade

Publication Date: February 28, 2022 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Fantasy Romance, Greek Mythology

Pages: 224

Format: eBook, Paperback

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4.5 Stars


Oceanographer and professional gamer, Cordelia Bourne, has had an unexplained connection with water and aquatic life for as long as she could remember. With days spent taking photos underwater and nights spent streaming her live game play of videogame Tides of Atlantis, even as an adult she surrounds herself with anything aquatic.⁠

When she meets pro surfer, Simon Thalassa, her entire world begins to change. One look into his green eyes and she gets the sinking feeling that she's met him before even though she knows she hasn't.⁠

But after a fateful day at sea, realizations pour in, and soon she'll discover Simon is Poseidon, King of the Seas -- and she has a special connection to him.⁠

Sharing some aesthetics with you!
Aesthetics of Poseidon by Carly Spade

My Review

This is the fifth book in Spade’s Contemporary Mythos series starring Poseidon. These can be read independently or not in order, but each book does have mentions and cameos of the other Gods/Goddesses.

This was such a delightful second chance romance between Poseidon and Amphitrite. I had no idea what to expect going into this as Poseidon isn’t one of my favourite Gods, but I was hooked from the beginning! We meet Cordelia aka Cory right away and she was such a fun heroine, she was nerdy, relatable and I couldn’t help but love her immediately. She’s a professional gamer who loves the Altantis based video game almost as much as she loves the sea and its creatures. I loved everything about her life and her professions were so fun - she was just such a compelling character. Cory’s best friend Meg was also a very fun character, their friendship was so beautiful and pure. I loved the romance of the story, but Meg and Cory was such a highlight of the book, their every interaction was fun and sweet and is the epitome of best friends.

Simon was a great love interest; his surfer hero persona was just perfect for Poseidon, and he was so calm and strong and patient that I fell for him despite not expecting to love him. Carly’s version of Poseidon was completely different to how I imagined the original but she wove this new version of him in with the old stories so well and completely sold me on him!

"I will never let the opportunity to see you again wash away."

Cordelia and Poseidon’s relationship was full of natural banter and sweet moments. The romance developed as slowly and then hit all at once when the past was revealed, and I just loved how the characters handled it all.

"His presence was like a midnight swim - relaxing current mixed with uncertainty and eerie calm."

Spade blends Greek Gods with the modern world so well and I thought Poseidon and Cory especially were such a great blend of their two lives. Their love for the sea was ever present without being to over the top and I loved the little aspects the author added that represented more that Cory knew, such as the reason for her love of sea turtles. The story was packed full of beautiful moments, romance, action and shocking reveals – seeing it all come together was amazing. Even more so because the story left a lot open so I’m excited to see some of the plots carried on in other books.

I think one of my favourite parts of the story was seeing evidence that every one of the gods and goddesses had truly changed over the eons. The story focusses on Poseidon and Cory and it was so clear that they had changed and learnt from the past, but we also go to see this with the cameos and stories of the other gods.

Overall, this is a wonderful feel-good romance paired with suspense, excellent humour, and some very surprising reveals. Spade’s storytelling in this book was excellent and she really expanded her writing to bring in some very interesting and unexpected elements. I look forward to a lot of the new concept’s being explored in further books. We also get enough cameo’s and insights into a variety of other Gods/Goddess that got me very intrigued into their stories and I’m hoping some of these Gods get stories of their own! I couldn’t put the book down and ended up binging it in one day it was that compelling. An excellent story added to an already enthralling series - I can’t wait for the next instalment!

Also – the sneak peak of a chapter from Zeus which will be the next book was excellence! I’ve been waiting for his book since first meeting him in Hades (book 1) and I am so hyped for it! it will no doubt be amazing and I can’t wait to see what Carly does with it!


Hi Carly! Thank you so much for chatting with me today :)

Spoilers in question 3!

1. Firstly, I’d love to know a little about your writing process for this book, what were your favourite vs least favourite parts of the writing process?

Specifically with Poseidon, I had to do some extra research with Greek myth especially regarding Amphitrite as there's not a lot out there for her surprisingly. And though I'm an avid gamer myself, I've never been in an eSports tournament so when I got to that portion I sort of hit a wall and sought a lady gamer friend of mine that I could chat with to get the inside scoop of the "behind the scenes" aspect of this type of event. I thoroughly enjoyed switching the "style" up for this one and the aquatic theme. The direction I took Medusa did make me worry a tad for Greek myth enthusiasts, but in the end, I'm happy with it.

2. This series has been such a fun twists on the Greek Gods - have you always loved Greek mythology and wanted to write about it? What drew you to this way of writing them?

I've been a huge fan of Greek mythology since I was introduced to it in middle school and falling in love with the TV shows Hercules and Xena. I enjoyed the way those shows integrated the gods with mortals and incorporated humor along with the drama. Given how popular Greek myth is, I told myself I'd never write retellings unless I had something unique to bring to the table. This entire series spawned from my love of reading contemporary romance but always missing the "magic" when I tried to write it myself. I get the best of both worlds with this series.

3. What inspired you to add some of the more unique themes to this story? The reincarnation and time travel aspects were very fun and quite a surprise!

It started with Amphitrite not really getting the attention she deserves in myth with being one of the three queens. Hera and Persephone get a ton of press, but we don't really know a whole lot about Amphitrite and so instead of doing somewhat different as I did in the past books, I decided it would be her but she didn't remember, allowing them to navigate the relationship as if it were new. I also want each of these books to feel like an entirely different experience and to maintain a unique voice for for this one, it just felt right.

4. What have been some of your best author moments so far?

I have to say, the reactions from fans of my writing has been the highlight of my author journey thus far. We say we don't go into this for the financial return, but there's something incredibly invigorating to know that people enjoy what I have rummaging through my brain and put to paper that much they're willing to give me money for it. I feel incredibly humbled and honored by that.

5. And lastly, which book/ God has been your favourite to write so far? Are there any you connected with more than others and why?

This is always such a hard question because all my books are like children to me! lol. I've honestly loved them all for different reasons, but I will say...Zeus has become a favorite of mine for so many different reasons. I knew I wanted to do a Zeus book from the moment I came up with the concept for Hades and it took me two years of research and planning to decide on how I was going to get the most loathed god to become a romance hero. And...I truly feel I did just that and adore the story and the couple. But the character I connect to the most? Laurel from Apollo. There's a lot more of me lended to her than I'd ever admit. lol.

6. And I have to ask, can you give us any hints or teasers for you next book, Zeus?

Zeus is a full dual POV journey between two people who are so devoted to their careers they've missed out on the opportunity for genuine relationships. Is Zeus an arrogant butthole in this? Partially. Because that is part of his character...but I can promise you, you stick with it and you'll go on the journey directly with him and realize so much more than you potentially didn't think about beforehand.

Thank you so much to Carly for taking the time to answer my questions and I hope you found them as interesting as I did. I just love getting to know more about the authors thoughts and feelings and get behind the scene insights so this was such a treat!

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About Carly Spade:

An adult romance writer who has been writing since she could pick up a pencil. After the insanity of obtaining a bachelor’s and master’s degree in cybersecurity, creating worlds to escape to still ate at her very soul. She started writing FanFiction (which can still be found if you scour the internet 😉 ), and soon felt the need to get her original ideas on paper. And so the adventure began.

She lives in Colorado with her husband and two fur babies, and revels in an enemies to lovers trope with a slow burn.

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