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Today I’m excited to participate in the Bookstagram & Creative Tour for Glint by Raven Kennedy hosted by MTMC Tours. Return to the seductive story of magic inspired by the myth of King Midas, and get caught up in the world of Orea!

Title: Glint Series: The Plated Prisoner #2

Author: Raven Kennedy

Publication Date: January 11, 2021 Genres: Adult, Fantasy

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Rating: 4.5 Stars


Glint immediately follows on from the events of book 1, Gild, and whilst I enjoyed Gild, I absolutely devoured this sequel, and just couldn’t put the book down. We get to really see Auren learn more about the world and the way life should be and see her grow into herself more. We also get to know several new characters who I just adore!

Glint sees Auren in a new environment without any influence from Midas or his men and the freedom this granted her gave her space to become stronger. The story gave me strong ACOTAR/ ACOMAF vibes with how she clearly suffers from Stockholm syndrome-type feelings for the man who essentially owns her, whilst the characters in this book try and help her realise her worth and that she can be strong without him.

Kennedy brought a lot of great characters into this story and I really loved seeing how each of them interacted with Auren and how this slowly started to get her to see that she wanted and deserved more from life than just being someone’s caged pet. Commander Rip and his crew added such a great dynamic to the story, not only to show Auren what a group of friends look like but they brought some fun and humour to the story. I loved the banter and their relationships with Auren, I couldn’t get enough of their interactions. We get to watch Auren slowly become more comfortable with them and see her realise that they are genuine friends and that’s what true companionship and love looks like.

I also really admired how kind Auren was to the other saddles and despite the fact they are just continuously awful to her she keeps trying to be kind, even if she was just wanting some familiarity, her kindness was so lovely to read (even if I secretly wanted her to just stand up and bitch slap them into being nice to her).

It was very easy to read with good pacing, so I ended up flying through it. The plot kept moving whilst almost giving us slow but meaningful character growth. The book is mostly from Auren’s POV as the first book was, but we do get some chapters in Queen Malina’s POV. I really enjoyed these snippets as it gave us some interesting political dynamics and some insight into what is happening in the kingdoms whilst we follow Auren’s journey - no doubt this will be explored more in book 3, Gleam.

The highlight of the book for me was the relationship between Commander Rip and Auren. I just adored their verbal sparring and each scene they had together was so full of chemistry and very impassioned. The author gave us lots of angst - I was very frustrated by some of Auren’s decisions but in a good way and I am dying for more of these two! The ending was quite dramatic and I cannot wait to get the next book so I can see what will happen next – what a cliff-hanger! Luckily the third book has been recently released or else the wait may have killed me off.

Overall, it was a great adult fantasy with easy-to-read writing, enjoyable characters, and a heroine that’s very real. She’s had a traumatic past and got manipulated into being okay with being caged and I enjoyed watching her start to unravel this and believe she can be so much more. I will be immediately getting the next book and impatiently waiting for the release of the next one! I would recommend if you like adult fantasy books inspired by mythology and are fans of books/series such as A Court of Thorns and Roses and A Deal with the Elf King.

Quote Aesthetics

These quotes perfectly represent the votes of the book for me, as does the aesthetic grid below! I adored the story, its full of gold, sexiness and darkness, if the quotes aren't enough to entice you - and if they're not... what are you doing!? - then this grid should be all the motivation you need to pick up this book IMMEDIATELY!


“You want to make your life easier? Then be the caged bird that you are and sing.”

For ten years, I’ve lived in a gilded cage inside King Midas’s golden castle. But one night changed everything.

Now I’m here, a prisoner of Fourth Kingdom’s army, and I’m not sure if I’m going to make it out of this in one piece. They’re marching to battle, and I’m the bargaining chip that will either douse the fire or spark a war.

At the heart of my fear, my worry, there’s him—Commander Rip.

Known for his brutality on the battlefield, his viciousness is unsurpassed. But I know the truth about what he is.


The betrayers. The murderers. The ones who nearly destroyed Orea, wiping out Seventh Kingdom in the process. Rip has power sizzling beneath this skin and glinting spikes down his spine. But his eyes—his eyes are the most compelling of all.

When he turns those black eyes on me, I feel captive for an entirely different reason.

I may be out of my cage, but I’m not free, not even close. In the game of kings and armies, I’m the gilded pawn. The question is, can I out maneuver them?

This is the captivating second book of The Plated Prisoner series. It’s an adult epic fantasy story blending romance, intrigue, and beautiful imagery. Return to the seductive story of magic inspired by the myth of King Midas, and get caught up in the world of Orea.

Please note: There is explicit language and romance in this book, not suitable for those under the age of 18.


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About Raven Kennedy:

Raven Kennedy writes in a range of genres, including fantasy, paranormal, contemporary, dark romance, and romcoms.

Whether she makes you laugh or cry, she loves creating worlds and making characters you can root for.

She is a California girl born and raised, drinker of tea, and lover of dark chocolate. When she's not writing, she can be found binge watching The Office and The Great British Baking Show, or with her nose stuck in a book.

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