ARC Review: An Agreement with the Soldier

Title: An Agreement with the Solider

Series: Necessary Arrangements #2

Author: Sadie Bosque

Date Published: March 2021

Genre: Historical Romance


John, Baron Ashbury, has spent most of his adult life as a soldier. He was never meant to become a baron. But circumstances have changed and now that he's back home, he has to face another battle - saving his failing estates. In order to accomplish that, he needs to find an heiress and marry her. Finding a lady of his heart turned out to be an easy task. But can a beautiful, clever and free-spirited lady truly love the broken shell of a man he's become? Miss Samantha Lewis has never felt anything akin to an infatuation she felt to John. There's a complication that he's her friend's fiance, but best friends forgive each-other anything, right? A marriage to John sounds like a dream. Only the moment the vows are spoken, he's changed and turned into a grumpy beast. Sam will not give up on her idea of a blissful marriage, even if she ends up turning both their lives up-side down to achieve it.



Firstly, thank you to the author for gifting me an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review.

After reading the first book in the Necessary Arrangements series; A Deal with the Earl, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this one. Our soldier, John, was introduced to us in the first book and I was certainly hoping we would get to see more of him, and that he would get to have his story told. This book did not disappoint!

John has had a hard past and I love that the author didn’t shy away from depicting his PTSD and showing us how difficult this was for many soldiers to deal with, especially during a time period where symptoms are trauma are not understood or recognized by the high society. I loved seeing John’s life and watching him eventually learn to cope and understand what he needs and how to interact with others well despite his trauma.

Sam was an amazing character, she brought a great dynamic to the story and I adored how accepting and kind she was. She cares so deeply for everyone in her life and that she never gave up on anyone, even when she had every reason to. Sam was such a bright light in the book and in the lives of the characters in this story, I couldn’t help but love her and want her to get her happy ending. I enjoyed the relationship between John and Sam and watching as it grew, I was so invested that their struggles were just as frustrating for me.

The setting was again, expertly written, and felt effortlessly historical and accurate to life in high society at that time. I enjoyed seeing the different perspectives of these two characters and of their experiences with the ton. These two people were irrevocably impacted by the war and this was a very interesting storyline explored by the author. I loved the prologue, which immediately gave us an insight into Sam and her family as well as an excellent starting point for the relationship of our two characters. The pacing was good, though I was eager for the wedding to happen sooner than it did!

Another character that features was Evie, who we met previously as well and Evie has been a character I’ve loved ever since she was introduced, as the granddaughter of the characters in the prequel novella, she was one that really made an impact on me. I love how alive and bright she is and cannot wait to read her book – as this story nicely set up the possibility of her story being told next and I am certain it will be another excellent story.

A quick note that whilst this series is all done with interlinked characters, they all feel very distinct and different so there is no confusion, and you could read each book separately or out of order if you wanted as they are unique stories in their own right. However, the characters do overlap so there would potentially be some spoilers.

Overall, I loved this story. The historic atmosphere, the detailed and complex characters, the plot, the romance – I loved every aspect. I will defiantly be reading any and all books from this author and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a delightful, interesting, and layered historical romance.

(Not a 5 star as I loved the first book a little bit more - but still an absolutely excellent book!)

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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